Trekking One Night in Desert with Camels



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Trekking One Night in Desert with Camels

Embarking on a Trekking One Night in Desert with Camels as your steadfast companions promises an unforgettable adventure immersed in the rich tapestry of North African culture and breathtaking natural landscapes.

Moreover, as the sun dips below the horizon, casting an ethereal glow across the golden sands, you set out on your journey into the heart of the Sahara.

Additionally, as night descends, the desert comes alive with a symphony of sounds – the gentle rustle of palm fronds, the haunting call of nocturnal creatures, and the soft murmur of distant winds. Consequently, above, the sky transforms into a glittering canopy, each star a beacon guiding you deeper into the wilderness.

Nestled amidst the dunes, a traditional Berber camp awaits, its flickering lanterns casting a warm, inviting glow against the velvety darkness. Here, you gather around a crackling fire, savoring the rich flavors of Moroccan cuisine and sharing stories with newfound friends.

As the night deepens, you are enveloped in a sense of tranquility unlike any other, the vast expanse of the desert stretching out before you in silent reverence. Wrapped in blankets beneath a canopy of stars, you drift into a peaceful slumber, lulled by the gentle rhythm of the desert night.

With the first light of dawn

you awaken to a world bathed in hues of rose and gold, the desert coming alive with the promise of a new day. After a hearty breakfast, you bid farewell to your desert oasis, knowing that the memories forged amidst the sands will linger in your heart long after your journey’s end.

Trekking one night in the Moroccan desert with camels is an experience that transcends the ordinary, offering a glimpse into a world where time seems to stand still and the wonders of nature unfold in all their splendor. It is a journey of discovery, of connection, and of profound beauty – a journey that will forever leave its mark on your soul.see more our Trekking.


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This camel trekking short trip is a desert adventure for travellers who have a short vacation and those who admire the Eco-tourism. This camel tour starts in the afternoon on the back of the camels deeply in a beautiful part of Sahara desert with its Hammada, Tamarisk trees, immense sand dunes and also the nomadic life embodied in the local typical life; depending on the season and nomads movement you may meet some nomad families who epitomize the real Bedouin life. After your arrival to the sand dunes, you will enjoy a picturesque sunset. Dinner and night in a nomad camp under the nomad tents.
After an unforgettable sunrise with the morning breeze, the breakfast is served in a tent Restaurant or in the open air. Afterwards, you feel the sands between toes and this wonderful journey coming back to the village of Mhamid. Arrival is around 10:00 am

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